बिलासपुर: जूनी लाइन स्थित सुरुचि रेस्टोरेंट के पास रहने वाले कृष्ण कुमार वर्मा के बड़े बेटे श्रीकांत ... बिलासपुर में UP65/ EC- 4488 नँबर की कार से जब्त हुए 5 लाख नकद बिलासपुर: सदभाव पत्रकार संघ छत्तीसगढ़ की बैठक में संगठन की मजबूती पर चर्चा बिलासपुर: शैलेश, अर्जुन, रामशरण और विजय ने कहा- पूर्व मंत्री अमर अग्रवाल के कार्यकाल में भाजपा के पू... बिलासपुर: मुफ्त वैक्सीन के लिए अब केवल 7 दिन शेष, कलेक्टर ने की अपील, सभी लगवा लें टीका बिलासपुर: मोपका और चिल्हाटी के 845/1/न, 845/1/झ, 1859/1, 224/380, 1053/1 खसरा नँबरों की शासकीय भूमि ... बिलासपुर: क्या अमर अग्रवाल की बातों को गंभीरता से लेंगे कलेक्टर सौरभ कुमार? नेहरू चौक में लगी थी राज... बिलासपुर: इंडियन मेडिकल एसोसिएशन के द्वारा नर्सिंग और गैर नर्सिंग स्टाफ़ के व्यक्तित्व विकास एवं कम्... बिलासपुर: गौरांग बोबड़े हत्याकांड के आरोपी रहे किशुंक अग्रवाल के पास से जब्त हुए 20 लाख बिलासपुर: बिल्हा क्षेत्र से गायब हुई नाबालिग लड़की तेलंगाना में मिली

Not the bottom of the collector’s nose, the gross corruption surrounding the head”


Bilaspur.There is a very old saying in Hindi that “corruption under the nose”, but exactly the opposite has been changed. Corruption in the face of the collector’s head in Bilaspur is open. On one side, name of Bilaspur district is going to be given in the category of revenue for the pendency of revenue cases in the entire district. On the other hand, there are two offices located in the first floor right next to the Collectorate building. First converted land city office and second rural office In any of the said offices, work is done on the basis of bribe. In the said offices, work is done on 24-hour intervals with the help of money.

The stairway to go to the first floor of the collector building is so curved that the common man loses tiredness and wanders, and on the contrary, the stairs of special people are very simple, which is without money, without Vastu Shastra. The employees of the Urban Transit Branch are deposited in one place and are very arbitrary. Some of these employees have retired, but they are influencing the process of governance from outside.

After the change of the land in the changed branch, the application related to land is applied in this branch. In this office there is a severe violation of the Land Revenue Code, the brokerage is at the extreme limit. For poor applications or other activities, money is demanded on a step-by-step basis. Even the official treasury is being looted. In the case of changed land, this department functions only for political parties and rich people. The result of this is that there are many scams of land scam seeing in the area of Lingiaadih, Chilhati and Lalkhadaan.

It is surprising that the game is being played openly on the face of collector P Dayanand, and he is unaware of all these exploits. There are so many land scams in the city and the collector’s office is silent. As a result of this department, the people of PVR are enjoying the plush mall on the pond near the center of the city. The general public is not aware of reality, the government is deliberately misleading the public.

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